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Shimla Hotels and Resorts
The town of Shimla located at an altitude of 2,421m from sea level is built around several hill such as Jakhu, Prospect Hill, Observatory Hill, and Summer Hill. The Shimla City is also famous for its natural beauty, architectural buildings, wooden crafts and apples.
If you are planning to visit Shimla then take a look at following hotels and resorts for accommodation in Shimla.

The Cedar Grand The Cedar Grand (4 Star)
Location : Near Winter Field, Cart Road Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 4400 onwards..
The Cedar Grand Hotel has a superb location in the heart of Shimla City. It is just a five minute walk from the baronial & aristocratic Mall...
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Aamod Resort Aamod Resort (4 Star)
Location : Tehsil Kandaghat, District Solan.
Tariff : INR. 7400 onwards..
Aamod at Shoghi is an Ecotourism resort set in pristine virgin forest. Aamod at Shoghi offers you the perfect balance..
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Snow King Retreat Snow King Retreat (3 Star)
Location : Snow King Retreat Fagu Top, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 5500 onwards..
Snow King Retreat is a paradise for guests, naturally cooler & higher than Shimla...
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Willow Banks Willow Banks (3 Star)
Location : Near Tourism Lift, The Mall.
Tariff : INR. 4800 onwards..
Hotel Willow Banks was established in the year 1871, a landmark estate which spells history...
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Woodville Palace Woodville Palace (Heritage)
Location : Raj Bhawan Rd, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 6500 onwards..
WelcomHeritage Woodville Palace is located in four acres of greenery and yet it is only a kilometer from the bustling mall...
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Shilon Resort Shilon Resort (3 Star)
Location : Shilon Bagh, Kufri Chail Road.
Tariff : INR. 13999 (2 Nights) onwards..
Located on Kufri Chail road, just 24 kms from Shimla, 16 kms from Chail and 8 kms from Kufri, the Shilon Resort makes for a great holiday..
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Hotel Springfields Hotel Springfields (Heritage)
Location : Opp. Tibetan School, Chotta Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 11999 (2 Nights) onwards..
Hotel Springfields, Shimla, is a heritage property run by Usha Lexus Hotels.With a colorful history..
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Toshali Royal View Toshali Royal View (3 Star)
Location : Chail Road, Shilon Bagh, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 14299 (2 Nights) onwards..
Toshali Royal View will remind you of the Raj, Outwardly. The resort justifies its name with..
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East Bourne Resort East Bourne Resort (3 Star)
Location : Near Bishop Cotton School, Khalini.
Tariff : INR. 6400 onwards..
Easily accessible by road, the East Bourne Resort is away from the hustle and bustle of the main...
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Asia The Dawn Asia The Dawn (3 Star)
Location : Tara Devi, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2400 onwards..
Hotel Asia The Dawn located in a manner so as to give a grand , sweeping view of the nature....
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Wingait Inn Hotel Wingait Inn (3 Star)
Location : The Mall, Chaura Maidan,Shimla.
Tariff : On Request.
One of the few Heritage Properties left in Shimla, Wingait Inn is a "Heritage Boutique Hotel"..
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Hotel Bridge View Regency Hotel Bridge View Regency (3 Star)
Location : The Mall, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2550 onwards..
Bridge View Hotel, a reputed landmark at 7000 ft., situated in the heart of the famous hill-station..
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Baljees Regency Baljees Regency (3 Star)
Location : Circular Road, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 3000 onwards..
Hotel Baljees Regency in Shimla offers the one thing you want the most - Comfort. It all starts...
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Ashiana Regency Ashiana Regency (3 Star)
Location : Near Secretariat, Chotta Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 3200 onwards..
Forget the bustle of modern living and escape to their hill top resort Ashiana Regency within..
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Whistling Pines Resort Whistling Pines Resort (3 Star)
Location : Near Naldhera Golf Course, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2950 onwards..
Whistling Pines Resort is a unit of Bhagra Resorts (P) Ltd. The resort was brought into operations..
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Hotel Prestige Hotel Prestige (3 Star)
Location : Beside Lift, The Mall Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 1900 onwards..
Hotel Prestige is the magnificent architecture of British era creates grand style of colonial legacy...
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Hotel Combermere Hotel Combermere (3 Star)
Location : Opposite Tourism Lift, The Mall.
Tariff : INR. 5000 onwards..
Hotel Combermere is Shimla's most modern hotel..
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Hotel Landmark Hotel Landmark (3 Star)
Location : Near Gorton Castle Square, The Mall.
Tariff : INR. 3950 onwards..
Hotel Landmark is ideally located to maximize your drive in convenience and provide you easy..
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Him Leela Regency Him Leela Regency (3 Star)
Location : Cart Road,Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 8299 (2 Nights) onwards..
Him Leela Regency is a luxury hotel in the most convenient location in Shimla.Shimla is...
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Honeymoon Inn Honeymoon Inn (3 Star)
Location : The Mall, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 3700 onwards..
Honeymoon inn Shimla is a quaint, little resort in this beautiful hill station of Shimla in Himachal..
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Hotel Sukh Sagar Regency Sukh Sagar Regency (3 Star)
Location : Near Goel Motors Taradevi, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 3200 onwards..
Sukhsagar regency enchants guest with relaxed elegance , attentive hospitality, stately architecture
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Hotel Doegar Hotel Doegar (3 Star)
Location : The Ridge, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2500 onwards..
In the very heart of town, at level with Shimla's elegant Mall, Hotel Doegar is One of Shimla's..
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Hotel Oakwood Hamlet Hotel Oakwood Hamlet (3 Star)
Location : Near Kathlighat, Shoghi, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 3200 onwards..
Oakwood Hamlet is set on a friendly highland village that's near to an oak forest one of the most.
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Hotel Himanis Premium Hotel Himani's Premium (3 Star)
Location : Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.
Tariff : INR. 1920 onwards..
Hotel Himani's Premium is having exceptional design, decor and service. It is spacious,..
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Hotel Fairmount Hotel Fairmount (2 Star)
Location : Near St. Bedes College, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2900 onwards..
Hotel Fairmount is surrounded by Pine and Deodar trees providing the rich taste of nature...
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Hotel Surya Hotel Surya (2 Star)
Location : Circular Road, Near Victory Tunnel.
Tariff : INR. 2000 onwards..
Hotel Surya have adequate parking facility and also attached to the Mall Road..
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Hotel Brightland Brightland Hotel (2 Star)
Location : Near Army Training Command.
Tariff : INR. 2100 onwards..
Shimla's Brightland is a successor to famed hotels Imperial, Chambers and Central..
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Hotel Woodrina Hotel Woodrina (2 Star)
Location : Shimla Kufri Road, Dhalli Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 1800 onwards..
Hotel Woodrina is an unforgettable destination with private gardens, surrounded by lush green...
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Crystal Palace Crystal Palace (2 Star)
Location : Circular Road, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 1600 onwards..
Hotel Crystal Palace, near the Tourism Lift is run by an experienced management since 1986...
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Hotel Shingar Hotel Shingar (2 Star)
Location : Near High Court Parking,The Mall.
Tariff : INR. 6999 (2 nights) onwards..
Hotel Shingar established in 1980 is a popular destination for overseas tourists and those..
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Hotel Auckland Hotel Auckland (2 Star)
Location : Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 1800 onwards..
Hotel Auckland is inspired by the magic of Nature's love. Situated in the Shimla proud..
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Hotel Kalra Regency Hotel Kalra Regency (2 Star)
Location : Kalra House Estate, Chhota Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2500 onwards..
Hotel Kalra Regency provides all of the services and amenities of a good fine class hotel...
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Hotel Himland East Hotel Himland East (2 Star)
Location : Circular Road, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2500 onwards..
For the business personnel ,the hotel Himland East is ideal having most of Shimla’s business and...
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Hotel Himland West Hotel Himland West (2 Star)
Location : Cicular Road, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2450 onwards..
Hotel Himland West is located just 1 km. from the shopping mall and lift away from the hustle bustle..
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Hotel De Park Hotel De Park (2 Star)
Location : Kachi Ghati,Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 2800 onwards..
Hotel De Park captures the romance & beauty of the bygone era of the British Raj, Located on..
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Hotel Silverine Hotel Silverine (2 Star)
Location : Near high court, The Mall.
Tariff : INR. 6999 (2 Nights) onwards..
Hotel Silverine is rightly located near the Shimla Club and very close to the Himachal Pradesh..
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Hotel Satyam Paradise Hotel Satyam Paradise (2 Star)
Location : Kachi-Ghatti, Shimla-10.
Tariff : INR. 1600 onwards..
Hotel Satyam Paradise provides you easy access to most of Shimla’s celebrated walks, views and...
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Hotel Woodpark Hotel Woodpark (2 Star)
Location : Woodrina Estate, near Kufri, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 1920 onwards..
Hotel Woodpark invites you on a charming and memorable holiday escape to one of the most...
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Hotel Victory Hotel Victory (2 Star)
Location : The Mall, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 1600 onwards..
Hotel Victory is perfect abode, centrally locate in the ‘Queen of Hills' Shimla befittingly..
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Hotel Silverine Hotel Sangeet (2 Star)
Location : The Mall, Shimla.
Tariff : INR. 1800 onwards..
Hotel Sangeet is a popular destination for overseas tourists and those escaping from India...
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